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Ascend Viral is a manual, organic growth service that floods your Instagram account with real & engaging followers! Your Personal Growth Assistant creates a customized growth plan just for you, and they personally interact with thousands of people every week in order to grow your account!

Your personal growth assistant will typically spend 3-6 hours a day growing your Instagram account. Our growth assistants take Sunday off.

Our service is for anyone who wishes to grow on Instagram. Whether you’re trying to grow your business or your personal page, Ascend Viral will help you gain the exposure you deserve. Our service works best for people who are seeking long-term sustainable growth.
Since we provide a truly organic growth experience, we can’t predict how many followers you will gain. Some accounts may only gain a couple hundred followers every month, while others can gain thousands. There are a lot of factors revolving around Instagram growth, including content, niche, targeting, hashtags, posting frequency, engagement, and more.
Due to the nature of our service, we do not offer free trials at this time. However, all of your growth is protected by our Growth Guarantee policy. If you have any pre-sale questions, please contact us using the chat button on the bottom right of your screen.

Once you sign up with Ascend Viral, you will need to complete our growth strategy questionnaire and connect your account to Ascend Viral. Once we understand your growth goals, your Personal Growth Assistant will begin manually growing your Instagram account. Growth results will vary. Typically, long-term sustainable growth is achieved in 2-3 months. It may take a few weeks for your growth manager to optimize your account’s growth. Every Instagram account is different, so our efforts are specialized to each account.

Our growth process is extremely safe. We comply with Instagram’s rules and regulations and we take extreme precaution when we’re handling your Instagram account. We prioritize your account’s safety at Ascend Viral.