Why Engaging with Others on Instagram Is Important


Why Engaging with Others on Instagram Is Important

October 20, 2020

One of our most fundamental needs as humans is our desire to network with other people… whether that be family, friends, or strangers across the world. This desire to network with others is the reason why social media platforms like Instagram have risen so much in popularity. We’ve moved from an offline, meeting-in-person community to an always online status where we can connect with people around the globe at any given time.

And luckily for us, connecting with other accounts on Instagram is also a major catalyst in the growth and discover-ability of your profile. Connecting with others (and their content) is a must on Instagram. The way Instagram’s algorithm works is by rewarding the profiles and posts that have high engagement by showing them to more and more people. Having high engagement with your posts (and preferably as fast as possible) will put your content in front of a huge number of people – whether that be with hashtags or the explore page.If you are interested in learning how Instagram’s algorithm works, be sure to check out our ebook. We have a full chapter devoted to this!

On Instagram, engagement is received in the form of likes, views, comments, and shares. And in order to get as much engagement as possible, it helps to hand out some likes and comments of your own.Below are a few tips and tricks that will help you connect with others on Instagram (and subsequently increase engagement on your own content).

Monitor hashtags

One of the best ways to get your name out there is by monitoring new posts under hashtags of interest, replying to their content, asking questions, and connecting with the poster.

Legendary entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk even coined an Instagram engagement method: ”The $1.80 Strategy”. The method instructs you to find 10 of the most relevant hashtags in your niche, focus not only on the most popular (with hundreds of thousands of posts) but also on smaller, lesser-known hashtags. That’s where you’ll be able to make a real impact.Next, leave your $0.02 cents (comment) on 9 posts tagged with those hashtags (10 x 9 x $0.02 => $1.80 ? ). Do this every day and broaden your personal network. You will receive results from this quickly. Trust me.

Not only will this lead to more account exposure, but it will also lead to more networking opportunities from other creators in your niche!

Tag others on your posts

Another way to reach out to others is by tagging them in your posts. Find a few relevant profiles, send them a DM (direct message) for permission, and tag them in your posts. You can do this either in the caption, the image/video itself, or on a story.The person who’s tagged will receive a notification and will likely engage with the post. If they then go out and share the post, you’ve just reached even more people!

Share the post

On Instagram, you can also share posts to others. This (obviously) increases the size of the network that sees your post. You can share it through a direct message on Instagram, share on Facebook, or copy the URL and share it wherever you want.

Leverage engagement or DM groups

A common growth ‘hack’ on Instagram is making use of engagement groups. Simply put, this is a group of people (ideally within the same niche) who share, like and comment on each others’ posts.In doing so, they deliver a huge amount of engagement to everyone’s post in a very short period of time. This leads to more explore feed and hashtag exposure. Engagement groups are mostly organized in external apps like Telegram or Whatsapp, while DM groups are mainly groups of 15 (or less) people that are organized on Instagram itself. Contacting people within your niche to set up a DM group is a crucial part of Instagram growth in 2018!

These four tips and tricks will help you network with others and will assist in growing your profile (and engagement) in the process. Of course, as Instagram continuously updates their algorithm, things can change within a matter of weeks.

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