How To Pick The Right Instagram Growth Service

Using social media isn’t as easy as it seems; everyone knows what to do, but very few know how to use it right.

Take Instagram, for instance, the perfect platform to share stories, videos, and catch up on what your favorite celebrities are up to. But ever wondered how they have millions of followers when your business only has a few hundred?

Sure, they are famous, but there has got to be more to it than that. And there is! To attract new followers (most importantly, real followers), you need to manage your Instagram account.

In fact, there are several Instagram growth services available out there that may lead to organic growth, bringing in more followers for your page. But choosing a premium-quality service is challenging.

This guide will explain how to pick the best Instagram growth service to increase follower count and reach the target audience.

Instagram Growth Services

Before delving into the nitty-gritty of organic Instagram growth, let us explain why you should grow your Instagram and how it may help. It’s no secret that Instagram is one of the most desirable social media platforms among influencers and businesses due to its wide reach.

For the Instagram marketing strategy to bear fruit, it’s necessary to attract organic Instagram followers to grow the company. However, putting in the required time and effort may prove challenging; that’s why Instagram growth services like Ascend Viral are in high demand.

They may bring in real Instagram followers by using growth tools to interact with the audience via your Instagram accounts. We have highlighted some of these Instagram growth strategies below for your benefit:

Engaging Instagram Followers

A reputable Instagram growth service must engage targeted followers for the marketing strategy to succeed. This means liking and sharing stories from other Instagram accounts on your behalf so that a large number of followers take notice.

For instance, if a verified growth service starts liking Instagram stories from other accounts, Instagram users may pay attention provided the company has a strong presence on the social media platform. Moreover, users can verify the location and address of the concerned organization, which may result in greater brand value for your business.

Audience Interaction

It’s crucial to develop an organic growth strategy to grow your Instagram account. After engaging the followers, an organic Instagram growth service creates child accounts of the original Instagram page to interact with personal accounts.

This ensures that you can get more real Instagram followers by automating the engagement process, making such companies leaders among Instagram marketing services.

Why Are Organic Instagram Growth Services Important?

You may be wondering why businesses are concerned about how many followers they have on social media platforms? The simple answer is that it allows the company to understand if the Instagram marketing service is attracting active Instagram users, thereby resulting in brand value.

That’s why investing in an Instagram growth service might prove beneficial as it helps bring in organic followers. In other words, you may get your money’s worth, resulting in quality Instagram growth.

How To Choose Instagram Growth Services

Let’s discuss choosing the right Instagram growth service now that you have a fair idea of why organic growth is important. We have broken down the selection process into several points, and you can note them down for future use.

What Not To Do

When attracting more organic Instagram followers, the best Instagram growth services know what not to do. Hence, we have pointed out the don’ts so that you can steer clear of a shady growth service.

A. Instagram Bot

A harmful strategy is using Instagram bots that may increase the engagement rate manifold, sometimes doubling the follower count overnight. Apart from targeting real followers through likes, comments, and shares, the bots help create fake accounts to grow an Instagram profile.

B. Stay Away From Black-Hat Tactics

We have already spoken about Instagram bots, but fake followers won’t get you far either. Instead, you must focus on grabbing the attention of real followers to stay relevant on the market.

If you strictly use bots to engage with audiences, you may find the page in violation of Instagram’s rules. What’s more, you must never buy Instagram followers or employ a growth service that uses the follow-unfollow method to attract more followers.

These are unnecessary risks that could get your account banned, so it would be best to spend your money elsewhere. But premium growth service companies provide every client with a dedicated account manager.

This support person takes care of the Instagram marketing service without using fake followers or harmful bots while adhering to the social media giant’s policies. Not to mention, it increases the safety and security of your Instagram accounts.


To avail of any service, one of the first things you will need to look at is the price, but it’s not as simple as making a budget buy. In other words, you can’t afford to overspend, neither can you compromise on your business strategy.

To achieve exactly what you need, it would help if you chose a quality Instagram growth service. You will find that this may eliminate the lack of reliability of cheap brands that guarantee success at less than $100.

Moreover, it removes fake Instagram followers while ensuring that only real followers engage with your business page. Depending on the budget, you can choose how many followers you would want to attract to grow the Instagram account.


Choose an Instagram growth service that can customize the growth strategy according to your needs because no two businesses are the same. A lot changes, depending on the location, your target audience, and the content, meaning it’s also about finding the right followers for your brand.

So, ask the account manager to curate your Instagram profile based on the business’s specific needs for the best results. This separates a top Instagram growth service from service companies.

Instagram Growth Tool

To leave a mark on the digital space, the Instagram growth service must have a social media manager updated with the latest trends. You may have noticed that using hashtags in Instagram stories and posts offers greater engagement with consumers, making it easy for them to find relevant content.

Reliable Instagram growth services will create exposure to make your business appealing to your target audience. On that note, one of the most effective tools is “HashtagsForLikes,” permitting you to find what content your competitors are posting and the engagement they are generating.

This is valuable information if you have the same target audience, thereby allowing you to tweak the strategy accordingly. However, a dedicated account manager will always advise you to limit the number of hashtags in a post because too many may prove overwhelming.


Before purchasing a product on an online marketing site, most people go through the reviews to learn about the user experience. You can employ the same technique to choose the best Instagram growth service for your needs.

All you need is to be vigilant and verify that the company will deliver on its promise of organic Instagram growth by bringing in real followers. Of course, a reputable organization will post reviews and comments from people on their website to help you understand the quality of the service.

These are real reviews from people and not posted by fake accounts simply to attract consumers. In a nutshell, opt for a verified company with transparent policies so that you can make an informed decision.

Customer Satisfaction

After reading the reviews, it would be best to check the company policy to determine how serious the Instagram growth service is regarding customer satisfaction. You will find that certain organizations offer a refund policy so that customers can avail of the marketing strategy without any strings attached.

This is sort of like a free trial period for you to judge the brand image before reaching a decision. That being said, you’ll be pleased to know that some growth services have a money-back guarantee policy so unsatisfied consumers can invest elsewhere if needed.

Coaching Advice

Now, having a personal account manager is not about dumping your responsibilities on someone else, but there must be a clear line of communication. For organic Instagram growth, you need to engage with the personal coach and brainstorm to determine the possible course of action.

In the same way, the account manager must be up-to-date with the latest trends and marketing tactics to assist you. Additionally, check if they provide an analytic dashboard that will allow you to track growth, contact the growth assistant, and adjust the settings.

After surveying the market, we know for sure that services with a dedicated assistant use the dashboard to optimize your profile bio while also suggesting relevant content.


Another effective strategy to get more Instagram followers is promotion campaigns for targeted followers. When you can track what strategy works best, you will be able to devise a suitable promotion tactic to engage the target audience.

You can’t do this yourself, and it’s imperative for the Instagram growth service to create a plan of action, depending on your requirements. While most people think of only discounts and offers, there’s more to designing an effective campaign than just that.

For example, some growth services organize contests and give away prizes that are much in demand. But to do so, choose a service that’s well versed with the nuances of the market and can advise you on creating suitable offers.

Also, having frequent contests may encourage consumers to visit the page in the hope of winning more gifts. Furthermore, you can ask them to like, share, and comment on posts as part of the contest to get more followers.

User-Generated Content

If you play it smart, it might be possible to take advantage of user-generated content to drive sales and increase profits. The best Instagram growth services know when to tap into the potential of ready-made content to help grow your business.

Remember how we spoke of the importance of hashtags? Well, the top services have this trick whereby they ask people to take a picture with your product and use a specific hashtag while posting it.

Companies that take this to heart post customer photos on their site, encouraging new followers to try their services.

Posting Schedule

When choosing growth services for attracting real Instagram followers, make sure that the company can help you create a posting schedule. For those who are unaware, a posting schedule tracks when the target audience is most active so that your stories receive the most likes, shares, and comments.

Naturally, the best Instagram growth services should help you plan a strategy specifically based on your requirements. They will usually post many times during the day, trying to ascertain when the audience is most active.

Using that data will allow you to narrow down on a suitable time for maximum Instagram growth, possibly generating organic followers.

Final Words

That’s all the information we have on choosing the best Instagram growth service; hopefully, now you can pick a worthy company that ticks all the right boxes.

Now, any growth service like Ascend Viral that interacts with audiences, has a personal account manager, offers subscriptions, and gathers data on competitors is a good choice. In short, it should satisfy most of the criteria mentioned above, so refer to our guide to make the right call.

Of course, these are just some of the essential points you need to consider before making a decision. If you have anything to share, you can let us know in the comments section or post an engaging Instagram story, and we will check it out!

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