How long should your Instagram caption be in 2020?

How long should your Instagram caption be in 2020?

September 17, 2020

The length of your caption is something that has been discussed far and wide; and sadly, there is no general consensus on how long (or short) your caption should be. Some people simply post a single sentence and a few hashtags in their caption, while others post entire blog posts with nearly 2000 characters. Luckily for us, there are studies done on this subject so we can determine what works and what doesn’t work.

According to a study done by Simply Measured, caption length does not seem to affect your engagement significantly if you use less than 500 characters. Once you get above that, it does seem to dip down a bit.

So what’s the key takeaway? We can use captions to convey our message, but keep in mind that our caption should align with the content posted so that it adds value on top!

Once you start writing paragraphs and paragraphs, it seems that most people will begin ignoring your post. While some posts can certainly be incredibly viral with super long captions, this isn’t a good strategy to use in general.

On average, the length of a caption is 138 characters long (including hashtags).  Instagram advises to not go above 125 characters if you want your complete caption visible in the feed.

Although I personally don’t believe there is an ideal length for a caption, if you post the most important part of your caption (crucial info, call to action, etc.) within those first 130-ish characters, they will appear before the ‘more’ button and will be visible within the feed.

But remember: this is just the average, and it might not work for you. Some of your audience will enjoy the long captions you write as they can add a real, interesting story to their Instagram feed. If long, interesting hashtags are a key feature to your account, then you don’t necessarily need to change. If suddenly you stop telling those stories just to have your whole caption shown in the feed, you will risk losing these dedicated fans.

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