Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Ascend Viral through our frequently asked questions.

Once we confirm your account information, your Ascend Viral account manager will begin working to create an effective growth strategy for your account within 24 hours. Please remember to check your email. Your account manager will then begin growing your account as soon as possible.

Yes, you will still need to post on Instagram. We will take care of the rest.

Yes, our service is completely safe to use. We don't use any tools that could harm your account.

Yes, Ascend Viral offers real growth. We only interact with accounts that we believe will be interested in your content.

Billing & Subscriptions

Due to the nature of the service, we do not offer refunds or trials at this time. If you have any pre-sale questions, please contact us using the chat button on the bottom right of your screen.

You can update your account payment information directly on the user dashboard. You can also contact your growth manager.

You can cancel your account directly on the user dashboard. You can also contact your growth manager.

Instagram Growth

All the followers you gain are real, so they won’t suddenly “disappear” once you stop growing with Ascend Viral.

Yes, after you complete your purchase, you will be redirected to the user dashboard where you can securely connect your Instagram account to Ascend Viral. Don’t worry – your information is safe with us. We don’t check your DMs, comment on your behalf, or do anything that might make you look bad! We’re just here to help you grow on Instagram.

Once you complete your payment, you will be redirected to the user dashboard where you can connect your Instagram account and complete the growth questionnaire. All accounts are handled differently because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan that works for all accounts. Once you finish your questionnaire, your account manager will reach out to you via email and start growing your account!

Managing Your Account

Yes, you will have access to a dashboard. If you have any questions regarding your account, it is best to contact your account manager.

If you want to change your growth strategy, feel free to re-fill out the growth strategy form. Your account manager will adjust your settings accordingly. If you have concerns or questions regarding your growth strategy, please consult your account manager.

Yes, you can typically use your account normally; however, if your activity is affecting the growth strategy, then your account manager might request certain limitations.

You can, but your account manager will most likely advise you to switch it to public for the best results. If you are receiving power likes, you'll be advised to keep your account public.

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Growing on Instagram can be really frustrating. Ascend Viral helped us grow our account effectively and helped us multiply the sales we make with our online shop. Thank you guys!
This experience has been great. You learn a lot throughout the whole process and then are given a community of people to help with any questions you have.
Instagram is always changing, and Ascend Viral has helped me grow my account to over 60,000 followers!
Ascend Viral has helped me streamline my process for growing my account. I had a lot of ideas, but didn’t know how to communicate them effectively to my audience… Ascend Viral has made this all possible!

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No tools. No automation. No fake followers. Just natural growth.

Since 2016, Ascend Viral has been providing premium Instagram marketing solutions to over 5,000 global clients. We frequently update and re-work our marketing techniques and strategies to match Instagram's constantly changing algorithms. Ascend Viral does this so our clients always receive the most up-to-date service possible.