Telegram Organic Growth Service


New Member
Feb 28, 2020
Hi guys:)

I provide Telegram organic growth service.

I can add members to your group from other groups you want:)

These members are organic, real, active and niche targeted !!

250 organic telegram members: 10$
500 organic telegram members: 18$
1K organic telegram members: 30$
5K organic telegram members: 130$
10K organic telegram members: 240$

Delivery time:
24 hours per 1K members.

Terms and conditions:
Your group must be older than 7 days,
The group must be public with a unique group link,
Provide target groups to target members from,
Permission to invite members in the group switched on,
Ads are turned off during the growth service period,
A notification removal bot is properly added into the group, I.e. @joinhider_bot or @fgmanagerbot

Payment method:
Crypto Currency(Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc.)

If you have any question about the service, you can ask me.


Have a good day! :)