JOURNEY Starting my journey! Growing my travel blog on IG and beyond.


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Jan 29, 2022
Hello! Newbie here! Just bought the PDF book a couple of days ago and have read through most of it and started implementing some of the guidance. So far, it’s going well.

My account is a travel focused account, specifically geared towards family travel. Although I started my blog years ago, I never put effort into it. Now for 2022, I’m making it my passion project! All tips and tricks are welcomed with open ears!

So far these are my stats. I’ve been tracking them in a Google Doc. I need to start tracking my engagement still. My most recents posts have been getting an average of about 30 likes.

Jan 17, 2022
Posts: 40
Followers: 570
Following: 1,959
This is the day I decided - this was it, I’m jumping in with both feet!

Jan 26, 2022 (8 days later)
Posts: 41
Followers: 624
Following: 2,154
This is the day before I bought the PDF book. Over this week, I was doing some of what’s in the PDF without having read it yet, but I was doing it all wrong. I was following similar accounts to mine (instead of their followers), liking a bunch of their most recent posts, and liking random posts on my feed. I was on a good path, but not quite there.

Jan 27, 2022
Posts: 42
Followers: 634
Following: 2,259
Bought the PDF and started implementing some strategies.

Jan 29, 2022 - Today!
Posts: 42
Followers: 655
Following: 2,361

I haven’t gotten anywhere near the recommended 200/day, but using the follow + 1-2 punch method is working. I’m also trying to comment on the accounts I find that I really want a follow back from.

I know I need to start posting more content, but I’m just struggling to find the time to do it all!