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Oct 20, 2019
Hello guys,

I bought the IGking's ebook there are 1 years and now i decide to work! why now? I want to launch my watch brand for 2022 and I need a child account to help for the promotion of my brand but why i waitted 1 years? I was convinced I didn't know where i can find pictures for my instagrams, i was effraied to start this adventure and i work with cpa offer and i have poor result with insta.

During 1 years, i worked a little. I creat a software to scrap hashtag, follower and I creat a tool to automatise follow and unfollow direclty on insta with random action, i have good result during my test.

My plans:
50 to 200 follow by days + 1-2 punch
1 to 3 post by days
DM fb member for publish their photo

My goals:
100k in 4 months
1000k when I launch my brand

Maybe CPA for other accounts?

I have already:
IGking ebook
1 Old account insta with 6k follower
1 Old account insta with 1.5k follower for 2nd child account (or a other niche)
My tools
My hands
My brain
List of Accounts on my niche

To do list:
Create my profile (look for a name and content)
Scrape Hashtag (clean and select)
Scrape Picture
Scrape Follower (clean and select)
Let's go for 1000k follow

Someone use like post smm pannels to boost the post in the best result? I don't seem to have read anything in the ebook about this. can it be interesting?

Have a good day


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Dec 7, 2016
Best of luck!

Typically I'd stay away from SMM pannels (like,comments,followers) just because the social proof will usually hurt your engagement in the long run. But maybe I'm misunderstanding what you're saying.