Rebooting my IG accounts?


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Aug 1, 2017
United Kingdom
hey guys,

hope you all steamrolled through the pandemic and wish you and the fam, health!

need a bit of advice here. i have got almost 3 - 4 large accounts (in 250k to 300k followers range); which I stopped growing back in December 2020. no logins to those accounts ahve been made until now.

i was purely reposting content from other accounts onto mine via Jarvee. Mostly i was using Ipv4 proxies from SSL Proxy service (*google it for the exact name). And they were growing just fine.

Now the idea is; to reboot the accounts and start reposting again.

Since I have been away for 1.5 years almost; and believe this new REELS thinghie of IG just kicked in too; what is your best suggestion for me? Should i go back to jarvee? And if yes, which proxies? along with it; anything that I should be careful from in the modern IG updates?

A nutshell should suffice :) Thanks!!!