Jul 26, 2020
Hi ‍, I hope everyone is going great!

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The most popular features mass Dm service ;

Direct Messages! With our special algorithm, you can send thousands or even millions of DMs per day by using our dm service. Let’s break down our mass dm and MotherChild service!

At launch, we will have 2 different feature packages .

1) Mother-child. What does this mean? You will have your arm of fan accounts with profile pic, bio( some accounts will have a link to your main account and some will not for safety), and post and stories from your main account. Along with Mass dm of users, liking.

, commenting and following. This is also a great way to help get you verified on Instagram!

2) Mass DM ONLY. What does that mean? You will have hundreds or thousands of random accounts sending DMs on behalf of your main account. Messages can include links to your website or your main account. This will be a cheaper option with a max account of about 10k accounts. Our algorithm will target users who are most likely to engage with your account. Our software will automatically skip users without profile pictures, ghost followers, and skip accounts that are above 5-10k followers because most likely these accounts will not see or engage with the sent message or follow you're account.
Each account will send 20 DMS a day each so if you have 1000 accounts you’ll send 600,000 DMS a month.
50: $55

100: $95

200: $170



1000: $720
Custom orders are also available.

Account Pricing for Mother-Child will be announced in mid-December.
Why is this taking us so long? Well, we want to be transparent with our customers and offer the best value for your money, unlike most businesses. We want to make sure users will see great results from this new service and make all our clients happy Because that’s the KrystalGrowth way!


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Jun 2, 2018
sorry what is the pricing exactly? is it per day per month? per account? can you be more specific


Jul 26, 2020
Pricing Changes For Monthly Subscription For Mass Dm Service

Accounts on this subscription 50

Estimated results: 80-100+ followers per day.

Pricing($140) per month

Accounts on this subscription 100

Estimated results: 200-360+ real followers, per day.

Pricing ($210) per month

Accounts on this subscription 200

Estimated results: 400-800+ real followers per day.

Pricing ($290) per month

Accounts on this subscription 300

Estimated results: 1000-1703+ real followers, per day

Pricing ($390) per month

Accounts on this subscription 500

Estimated results: 2000-3000+ real followers, per day

Pricing ($620) per month

We are now taking orders


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Mar 13, 2021
Just a headsup.
I paid for the Service of @Krystalgrowth and since 4 days I don't get any replies.
Neither to Email nor to Direct Support.

I will report back what the Situation is in 1 week.
Maybe it's just a huge Waitingtime.

I bough 200 Child Account Service. So lets see