Looking to create a Mastermind Group, let me know if you're interested! :)

Nick Pictures

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Jan 11, 2018
I'm planning on creating a Mastermind Group for people that really want to master/learn IG.

People that are in it for the big buck.

The purpose of the group is to help one another to get better at IG.

I believe in order to cut your learning curve, one of the best methods is to learn from people that are doing what you're doing.
You might know something I don't, I might know something you don't.

* The only requirement is to not leech. Share what you know or think so we can all learn something from one another! :)

So feel free to comment down below your Telegram/Whatsapp info. Or you can PM me.
I'll make a group for both platforms, so if you don't have a Telegram, you can still join me via Whasapp.

(P.S. Some of my irl friends may join the group since I'm teaching them IG.)

(P.P.S. The group is free, not selling anything, and will not sell anything.)
Add me on Telegram @codex996


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Apr 26, 2018
This guy isn't active anymore.
I create the group and add everyone in this post.