Looking for IG (Business) accounts who repost from Reddit - to test full content automation


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Apr 12, 2017
Hey all,

I'm working on an information product (ebook + video guides) that walks you through setting up a fully automated content flow for Instagram accounts. The only 'downside' is that the account has to be a business account (so not a normal or creator account). But that's because of API restrictions.

I've been testing this flow for about a month now, it's super easy, super cheap to run (<$10/month), and completely hands-off when it's up and running.

The automation flow does the following:
- Looks up the top posts in a specific subreddit
- Pulls out the image, title, and author
- Automates caption & hashtags
- Publishes to your feed

Before I finalize my info product, I want to test it with a few other people, who have a business account (or are willing to shift their account to a business one) and repost from Reddit.

So if that's you, please send me a DM, or hit me up on Discord, and let's talk it through! :)
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