Hey Guys! What do you think of my accounts?


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Dec 29, 2019
Hello fellow instagram wizards!

I've been playing with instagram since 2016 but unfortunately put it aside mid 2017 to focus on other projects (that didn't pan out exactly as I was hoping ).

With that behind me now though, I'm looking to re-start my Insta adventures.
To do so, I'm planning on re-activating my old accounts with whom I've reached ~150k at one point. Here's my top 3 atm:


At the moment I'm still trying to figure out what to do and/or how to monetize with these accounts, so any suggestion or idea you guys might have I would be super grateful if you shared!

I also know a lot has changed in the meantime, so by joining this forum and going trough the ebook I'm hoping to catch up quickly and give back to the community as I go along my new journey and develop my own insights.

Thank You for having me and any tips or suggestions you have, I'm all ears!

Cheers guys