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Mar 21, 2019

First of all let me describe what I am trying to do.

So, I have been on BHW since September 18 and on AscendViral Since May 19.

I have grown an account for one of my friend 10K using jarvee & HighProxies.

Now I have a few other friends(Interior Designer, Car Detailing Service, Decor Manufacturer) those who have become interested in growing their accounts to get customers.

And I am thinking of starting several niche pages of my own, so that if they pick up growth I can start offering products or services related to the niche (may be by collaborating with people already offering the same).

So to move ahead I thought I will mostly use Mother/Child method but also engagements group and will keep the quality of the content and profile top end.

Now, the things I am confused about:

1. Automation Tools:
I have used jarvee earlier, and I am thinking of using it for the main account. But for the child accounts I need a tool which can run more accounts simultaneously becuase jarvee is going to be expensive.

2. VPS:
I was using Amazon free VPS earlier but i was only running 3-5 accounts on that, But now as per my calculations the total number of accounts would be somewhere 50-100. I think the free VPS wouldnt be able to handle that number. So, what are the best suitable options for the mentioned and how much would it cost?

3. Proxies:
Earlier I had purchased Instagram proxies from HighProxies and used one proxy per account, and i did not bother about the location of the proxies.
But now i have read somewhere that its better to use locations near to your original location. Is that correct?
And What are the best proxies to use now ?
I am thinking of using one per account for the main account and one per 3 accounts for the child accounts?

So these are the things I am confused about, Please put in your feedback and suggestions on above mentioned.

I will keep adding Weekly Updates on my progress.