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Mar 3, 2021
Hello everyone I just joined a few days ago. Hopefully I can network with some of you here. I started managing some girl’s Onlyfans few months ago. Things have been going great but I am looking to grow their instagrams more. I see some of you have babe pages and do mass dm so I’m open to anything that can grow an IG page. I currently manage 4 models so goal here is promote/grow them and keep it going. Thanks.

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Oct 4, 2019
Czech Republic
Hey, how is it going?

Instagram shoutouts seem to be the cheapest x great results way to go ATM.

You can either purchase shoutouts from theme pages or OnlyFans/porn/adult/etc. models that are within the client's niche.

Once your clients gain some following, you can do cross-promoting (Shoutout for shoutout).

Also, you can start a ''train growth strategy''.
Long story short, you create a group full of people within the same niche and shoutout each other. So it goes something like this,
Day 1 Everyone shoutouts BOB,
Day 2 Everyone shoutouts Ana,
Day 3 Everyone shoutouts Alex,