UPDATE Ascend Viral Instagram Domination 10.0 eBook Update


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Dec 7, 2016
Hi there,

This eBook update was released in conjunction with the video course, so much of the new material was covered in the course.

The new material in the eBook includes:

- The Great Instagram Shift
- Navigating Instagram’s Action Blocks & Limits
- Your Instagram Profile Optimization Cheat Sheet
- Amongst other smaller edits throughout the eBook

Since the eBook has had multiple major modifications throughout the years, the PDF itself has gotten a bit messy. In the next update (Version 11), the eBook will be heavily modified and edited in order to make things flow a bit smoother.

To read more about the update (and to see the update instructions), click here: https://www.ascendviral.com/ebook-update-tutorial/

Thank you,

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