1. D

    Applying the strategy to Twitter

    Hi everyone, Initially bought the course to help promote my self-help ebook, but then I realize it's more suitable for twitter audience because of the professionalism vibe. Anyone has success in applying the strategy? What's the main difference and all the do's and dont's?
  2. S

    Twitter Engagement Groups? Books?

    Is there anything similar to this for Twitter? In all of my years doing social media, Twitter seems to be the one cookie I can't crack. I mean, I have made a dent in it before but I was wondering if there are twitter engagement groups available. I heard Twitter had something going on recently...
  3. Y


    Hey Guys, recently purchased influx and joined the forums. I really appreciate the awesome information everyone is putting out. So, I've been wondering about Twitter lately. I've been hearing a lot that Twitter is almost dead and it's no good for marketing etc. I noticed that nearly every...
  4. ninxosk

    GrowthHacking in other SM platforms

    My lambs, do any of you have experience or know any good valuable resources in order to grow your social media following in other platforms ? Talking mainly about Facebook, Twitter, (Pinterest and google+ would be of my interest too). I'm launching my fashion brand (no drop shipping) in...