1. S

    Proxy vs VPN

    Hello, can anyone recommend me where to find info about proxies, how they work and how to use them? (Or describe it :)). I have VPN and can choose state/server w/ dedicated IP address. Should I use it and how to do it properly? Thank you
  2. T

    Instagram F/U on PC Safe ?

    Im just starting out setting up my systems and reading through the advice here. Im wondering if using the pc/laptop for managing the instagram account is bad? I tend to open my IG account and its child account (with proxies) and then middlemouse click open in a new tab all the users i want to...
  3. machhinegan

    about proxies

    Hi, I have something problem about proxies, everyone says need unique proxies for each Instagram account, if you wanna run few Instagram accounts on PC, and I saw the ebook write down this sentence: "If you can afford mobile proxies (or if you can host them yourselves)" What mean about host...
  4. apfeltheif

    Selling virgin residential proxies

    Hello, I am offering EU based private virgin residential proxies with a gigabit connection to the ISP. The current availability is one /24 network of static IPs and we can add more networks upon customer demand. Pricing: Up to 10 IPs - EUR 4.00 per IP per month 10 - 100 IPs - EUR 3.50...
  5. H

    What do I need?

    Hey guys, a year ago I had around 100 Instagram accounts running :oops:, but things changed in Instagram. So I don't know which software, proxy or cloaker to use.. What are you @IGKing recommend, cause I want to use it in combination with FollowPlanner. I think I don't need VPS for...
  6. V

    Organised and Informative

    Hi all! It’s a pleasure to meet the masterminds of Instagram! I run a couple of photography accounts and didn’t realise how wrong I was running them until I read the AV bible. Im keen to get started me have signed up to FollowPlanner for some help in identifying targets but I’m still resolving...
  7. T

    Questions About Proxies

    Are there any reliable proxy providers? I haven't automated in a few months and am trying to get back into it, but have been reading that a lot of proxy providers have become unreliable. Also, are there any tutorials on how to create my own proxies? Willing to invest in the tools necessary...
  8. tigrouchoc

    List of proxy provider

    Let's make a list of your best experiences with proxy provider ! Give the name, the country and your experience :) Thanks for your sharing <3 Good: :emoji_white_check_mark: (Working well) Get Problems: :emoji_warning: ( 10 block reports in this topic) Blacklisted: :emoji_x: (more than 20 block...
  9. R

    office block proxies

    I have a question regarding Instagram and how they treat different types of IPs. Data centre proxies get flagged pretty fast but what about an office block? Even in a relatively small building there are potentially hundreds of people using IG through a small pool of IP addresses. I don't know...
  10. Eric Landgraf

    Where should i Buy aged EU accounts ?

    Hi guys as my question above states i want to buy some aged EU accounts, where should i get them ? as i am from germany and working with german proxys i ideally would be buying german accounts, but as i dont see any offers for that on sites like 247 or buyaccs i dont have much hope for that...
  11. S

    Proxy Recommendation (Blazingseo used)

    Hi guys, I just wanted to ask you shortly for a proxy provider recommendation. I tried blazingseo german private proxies, as the provider was recommended here. Unfortunately I get nonstop pv's, ev's and like blocks. I tried also highproxies as it's recommended by jarvee, but also a lot of like...
  12. Toni

    Whaaaaz up | Want to introduce myself

    Hey everyone ! Before i want to introduce myself i want to thank IGKING for every second he spent creating this amazing ebook. I read all pages within 6 hours nonstop and was totally fascinated about the content you shared in this book. It was definitly every $ worth. So who am i ? My name...
  13. Benjamin Barry

    Proxy recommendations that work with Jarvee?

    Hey Guys, I'm trying to find a residential proxy that works with Jarvee to do 1-2 punch. So far not finding any luck. Anyone have any recommendations? Appreciate the help!
  14. FollowPlanner

    Set Up Your Own Proxy With a Cheap VPS

    Instagram started to crack down on the most popular proxy providers, including BlazingSEO and HighProxies too. When the subnet/IP is flagged by Instagram you will notice that most bots can't follow/unfollow/like/comment with your accounts because after each action it gets a "Feedback Required"...
  15. kdallasteppa

    Proxy noob needing help ( followplanner )

    So my subscription to massplanner is over and i want to switch to followplanner, i really need something alway accesible and open where i can enter with phone or pc anytime. THE PROBLEM, followplanner ask about proxy for connecting account, well, i don't have and never used proxy. I tried buying...
  16. D

    [HELP] Proxy recommendation and posting with phone?

    Hi guys, I would like to start multiply accounts for my businesses and also run some accounts for clients. As far as I understood, I need one proxy per IG account and the proxy should be near the location i am posting from, right? Any recommendation for good places where I can buy proxies (or is...
  17. mochi46

    Looking for Asia proxy server seller (Singapore or Indonesia)

    I am looking for sellers of proxy servers for my ig preferably in Asia (Singapore or Indonesia), to use with my MP. Anyone got recommendations?
  18. Ibra

    METHOD How to Set up your own Proxy and a specific IP

    Hello everyone, So thanks to the Gramous Book and this forum, I've became quite interested in how to use the best practices for growing an Instagram account. Also before I start, I wanna thank @Nocturnae @rtribe13 @Kurtax & @Kejko for the advices and answers they provided since I joined :D And...
  19. ninxosk

    Proxy Talk

    Hi all, For those of you that are offering SMM&consulting services and work directly with clients, how do you approach the use of proxies ? Do you use one different proxy for each client ? If your client is based in NYC per example do you use a proxy from that city specifically ? What providers...
  20. François

    Use proxy with instagram ?

    Hey guys, Sorry total newbie here ... about how using proxies with instagram... Anybody has a good guide, topic from the forum that i can use to understand how to use proxies with instagram ? I understand the concept but I don't understand when/how to use it ? Thank you !