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  2. Kurtax

    Growing Facebook Groups in 2021 ↗️ (The best Facebook Engagement & Reach)

    I'm going to show you how we just grew a local, niche facebook group from zero to over 5000 members in just 30 days :emoji_rocket: This method is much better and more cost effective than getting followers though any other existing tactics (such as using FB ads) It's no question that Facebook...
  3. IG Pro


    Greatisnta Hashtag Research PRO! Rank in the hashtags top section and have the best chance to appear on the explore page! Experience the Holy Grail of engagement! LIMITED FOR THE FIRST 100 ORDERS After three years of multiple testings & failures, we have finally invented a NEW and SECRET...
  4. M

    Growth expert needed - $1000 per client

    Hey everyone, we are looking for a growth expert that can still grow around 6-10k followers/month. No automation, no mass story viewing, just through network shoutouts/giveaways and most preferably mother/child methods. The price per client we can give is $1000. Clients are verified football...
  5. P

    ✅ Mass Story Viewing Service ✅ The Best Instagram Growth Method in 2019 ★ Limited Spots Only!

    Pssst..Hey you! ;) Wanna start gaining followers again? Wanna make your Instagram account grow like it's on steroids? Are you frustrated of all these recent action blocks and feel like giving up? Say no more..I have the solution! I'm extremelly excited to announce the launch of my mass story...
  6. Dimitri

    METHOD [SAFE GUIDE] [2019] Child Account Warming with Full Browser Experience

    Disclaimer: this article is not intended to be absolutely an official guide perfect but an analytical reflection tool and an inspiration method to make the activity of our profiles more human. Obviously for those who had the experience and want to improve or criticize constructively this...
  7. Kurtax

    Growing IG Premium Accounts in 2020 ↗️ Limited spots ↗️ Fan Pages

    If You know anything about IG, is how now it is harder to grow more than ever. ⚫ It's tough to create accounts, you need to have the right proxies, devices and warm up well. ⚫ F/U works but you need to know how to do it properly and very well otherwise it can tank your engagement, get you...
  8. muritala Yusuf

    Shout out 20k Plus

    I am open and interested to do shout out with anyone in the entertainment niche such as Photographer. Film makers, dancer, comedian, Dj, artists and so on DM me @wealthyshezzy1 or drop your IG below and we shout out ourselves for exposure and even more followers
  9. Chris vale

    What if Jarvee got shutdown??

    If you have clients in your Jarvee system, what would you do if Jarvee got shutdown like massplanner?? I would definitely have their usernames and passwords stored somewhere safe for ease of access but would you have to drop all your clients or find a new program asap and explain to your...
  10. A

    [Require] Instagram Growth Service

    Hi , I am looking for growing service that is different from power likes etc.. I am looking for something like the strategy on @alexisren account on instagram which is fans of certain celebrity to grow the main account the celebrity account now is 62K we are looking to get it to 620K along...
  11. Empire Network

    JOURNEY My Journey (or Experiment) Mass-Growing Niche Accounts.

    Hey guys, I'm deciding to document my journey trying to monetize growing hundreds of Instagram accounts. Not 100% sure what my plans are with this, but I feel that I have solid experience growing my own accounts and my clients' accounts, so I shouldn't have a super hard time figuring things...
  12. LeftyLuke


    Hee guys, Anybody in the sportsniche? im going to have to grow an account (mainly football/soccer) in the near future so looking for a network. I have large accounts to return engagement and make my contribution. Feel free to tag or mention anyone who might know more. Cheers guys! Luke
  13. Kejko

    InstaVitality [INSTAGRAM BOT + automatic POWERLIKES]

    Hey guys, I want to inform you about a pretty cool software a friend recommend me and told me about. It does exactly the same things as any other automation software and it's web based. But on top of that you have the possiblity to boost your posts with PowerLikes from a 150m+ Network, which...
  14. postercamp

    This is My Best Ever. Beat This!

    I have been growing over 50 accounts till now. But this is the best I can see Url: @IGKing @Nocturnae Let me see your thought. This account is one week old by the way. Anyone have rapid grow with young account? Please share on this...
  15. notapplicable

    Social blade in excel

    Anyone need to scrape social blade data on a large number of accounts? There are easy ways to scrape basic info like # of followers, ID, bio, # of posts from most of the commercial bots like MP. But what if you want to check how many posts a user uploads per day or how many followers a user...
  16. OneFiasco

    Instagram Power Likes Services

    Hi everyone - looking on here and BHW and I couldn't find a clear reference to Power Like services. I am wondering if anyone of here has insight into this topic? I have an account with over 25K that I am looking to grow to 100k over the next year or so. I found the following service(s). I...
  17. A

    Need some advice on growing acc

    Hey guys, I have a landscape/nature account, where I post my own photos. I was doing f/uf up until last month, it gave me 3-4K per month, but that's 1) too slow 2) my bot stopped service So I've decided to try organic growth and, well, having difficulties. For a month now I'm just slowly...
  18. ninxosk

    GrowthHacking in other SM platforms

    My lambs, do any of you have experience or know any good valuable resources in order to grow your social media following in other platforms ? Talking mainly about Facebook, Twitter, (Pinterest and google+ would be of my interest too). I'm launching my fashion brand (no drop shipping) in...
  19. Gabriel

    METHOD A broad overview on growing accounts.

    Hello! today I'd like to share a video I recently came across on youtube. It's a helpful video that gives you an overview about how a popular instagram account grew in engagement and followers. The accounts being talked about here are: - [1.7m followers] -...
  20. designcamp

    Block non-engaging users?

    I'm looking for a way to increase my engagement %, so it got me thinking. When you block a user, you remove him as a follower. Now in Massplanner I can block users, but how do I find the ones that aren't engaging? Any ideas? For the ones interested. There's also a second way to stop...