1. A


    Hi Everybody! Very new to the forum. I have a side business as a photographer and I am trying to grow my IG engagement. This is where I struggle (u can check here @alessandrospedito) I have a decent amount of followers but really low engagement... I am trying to reduce the number of following...
  2. A


    Hello Everyone, I am looking for: 1.10k - 20k instagram followers, for 2 accounts 2.thousands of likes (per future feed posts, looking to increase ER) 3.if possible, facebook page likers requirements: 1.geo targeted, dm for details 2.pet niche, if possible cat lovers/owners there are some...
  3. lilwavi

    Sudden decrease in engagement - not shadow banned.

    I have recently found a HUGE decrease in engagement.. I use to get around 1200 likes which decreased to around 800 likes. Recently it has started to decrease down to 600. I posted a couple of 'graphical' images the other day (a logo for my new brand and a sticker pack giveaway) which is...
  4. G

    Account Growing but engagement not ?

    Hey, Has anyone had the experience of their account growing but their engagement / reach not changing? I've been gaining a few thousand followers, i gain about 100 a day so far but my stories and post reach haven't really changed so the engagement hasn't changed at all. I know the followers...
  5. S

    Likes block and engagement

    Hello again, Shortly I'm facing issues with the likes block. That's not the problem that I worry about but it's the decreased engagement. I went trough the forum searching for an answer but I didn't find anything at all. My quiestion is does the likes block affect engagement and what interval do...
  6. M

    Nature/Travel DM Group

    I'm organizing a Nature/Travel IG DM groups. There are accounts in there ranging from 7k to 300k right now. We are accepting Nature/Travel and other related accounts. Let me know if interested or if you also are in a network that could get expanded to build an even larger engagement group!
  7. rc_snowboarder

    Engagement Group - Food, Health, Wellness.

    Putting together a like + comment + comment reply engagement group for people who have accounts in the Food, Health & Wellness niches. Posting Schedule will be implemented to organize when people are posting. Must like the post, leave one genuine photo relevant comment and respond to two other...
  8. R

    Categorized into the Wrong Niche?

    Don't see how this is happening but I started a personal page I am trying to grow to in order to promote my music etc. I just started taking it seriously a few weeks ago probably and am about to hit the 3k mark. The problem here resides in that I am suspicious that my account has been somehow...
  9. JCS

    Automated Engagement Group For Fashion/Fitness Niche - 25 Spots Remaining

    Hey all, I’m opening up spots in an engagement group for fashion and fitness themed niche accounts. There are a few requirements neccasary to join: 1. Account must be 10K+ 2. Account must be above 3% engagement 3. You must have an automation software because that way it’s simply a matter of...
  10. Kurtax

    Facebook is Changing.

    You might have been hearing a lot about the latest Facebook algorithm updates, and been wondering what is this all about. Essentially what is happening is that the News Feed algorithm will prioritize posts from your friends and bury stuff from publishers, pages and brands. Up until now, a big...
  11. LeftyLuke


    Hee guys, Anybody in the sportsniche? im going to have to grow an account (mainly football/soccer) in the near future so looking for a network. I have large accounts to return engagement and make my contribution. Feel free to tag or mention anyone who might know more. Cheers guys! Luke
  12. M

    Engagement/ Reach super low

    Hey guys, so i have a personal fashion account with 82,6k followers. I Never botted on this account and never bought followers, just did engagement groups. However my reach is down at the moment and only about 3000 of my followers see my posts. (Posting daily) After two days maybe 5000...
  13. C

    Telegram Group

    Yoo I hope this is the right place for this but i have a bot on telegram for L+C Rounds URL : https://t.me/joinchat/GPqJykL0KeeSP9VAK4JvDw
  14. joshde

    engagement group ( Influencer, lifestyle, personal )

    Looking to either join or start an engagement group for influencers, life style posters / personal accounts. Mine has 50k followers its @joshdeor . If you are in one please let me know and if you would like to start one also let me know!
  15. Dimitrius Mayo

    10K Engagement Group

    I created a 10K Engagement Group for those pages that just started. I remembered when i hit 10K it was very exciting but that feel goes away. This community ranges from 10k to 25k, its a very easy group when you decide to post you then turn around a LIKE and COMMENT on all post in the last 24...
  16. Kurtax

    Vintage/Analog/Film/Retro Photography Engagement Group

    Hey! Is anyone in a photography engagement group dedicated to shooting photographic film / Analog, or is more vintage/oldschool photography? If not then I will be starting one! If you are interested drop your telegram username
  17. CrazyCoyote

    Large Photography Instagram Page (Low Engagement) Conundrum! Help?

    I have an Instagram account with 124K followers that everyone tells me has great content in the photoraphy niche (I am a photographer) but due to botting and everything else - I think I just about killed the engagement on this page. It's been a labor of love for 4 years and it would be nice to...
  18. M

    Personal SFS Group

    Hello, I'm looking to create a personal little shoutout for shoutout / engagement group. the niche will be personal and photos of yourself. there we will help each other gain in any way possible! Please leave your username, and I will check you out. Thank you. My instagram is @Masonaea, and my...
  19. notapplicable

    Female-only engagement group

    hi all Desperately trying to find some female commenters out there. I've got several accounts that are like 80% male followers and the comments are closer to 90%. If you have female accounts or female clients, we need to band together to get these ratios in proportion so we can sell purses and...
  20. notapplicable

    Any high quality Telegram groups to recommend?

    My main account just hit 20k followers and I would like to start getting into a couple of very high quality engagement groups. I'm growing at about 400-500 followers per day and would like to enhance my engagement rate (currently around ~5%). Any suggestions?? :)