1. T

    JOURNEY My Own Art Niche Journey (starting at 0)

    Hello, 5 days ago I started uploading on instagram, as this was my personal acc which I never used.. so it is quite old. I do not have any previus experience with this. I will only upload my own art on my account. Until now, I posted 4 artworks which got more than 200 likes. Engagement around...
  2. PhotosbyIsBe

    Hello AV. Looking Forwar to being here.

    So I am Issei, well, not really but I will get to that... So, I have completely did a huge 180 in my life, and wanted to start over. Not because I failed, or needed too, or anything other than. I kind of hated it. I had fame, my real name has been in bloomberg, nasdaq, yahoo finance...
  3. $

    Best place for streetwear content?

    Hello sorry for this being my first post I am still trying to get used to instagram and forums all at the same time, the niche account I am trying to grow is basicallly a fashion, streetwear, art, culture type of page. (Mainly focusing on the clothes & sneakers). I've noticed there is a lot of...