How to Gain Followers Quickly on Instagram in 2019

Instagram is a massive juggernaut in the social media space. With more than 800 million users monthly, the platform-wide engagement rates are through the roof (when compared to its rivals).

And since about 80 percent of its users follow at least one brand on Instagram, it seems like everyone is jumping on to the ship! And of course, the more followers you have, the bigger your exposure is. And as a (personal) brand, every new follower you acquire can enrich your life and maybe even evolve into a business relationship.

Whether you’re growing your own personal account – or a business/brand account – I suggest you read on to find out the 4 best tactics our research has established to help you grow a bigger and more engaging audience on Instagram!


Post frequently and consistently

study done by Tailwind, who examined more than 100,000 Instagram profiles in 2017, found that people who post more frequently have more engagement (in the form of likes) and a faster growth (in the number of followers) than profiles that post less frequently.

They found that you can almost double your follower growth rate by moving from less than one post per week to 1-6 posts a week. Subsequently, their data also showed that if you would move from 1-6 posts a week to a 7+ post regime, your follower growth would again be double that of someone who posts less frequently.

So the key takeaway from this: post more.


Always try the new features

While Instagram originally debuted as a photo-sharing network, it has since grown to be much more than just photos. As we write this, you can now also post videos, do live videos, and create temporary stories. Instagram will almost always reward you if you are an ‘early adopter’ of their newest features. Most of the time, they will put some sort of highlight behind a new feature and that will get you in front of your audience more prominent when compared to your competitors.

And the users of Instagram are really rewarding content creators for creating (live) videos and stories. Here are a few reasons why you should be using these features:

  • Whenever you go live on Instagram, followers will get a notification. They’ll also see you at the front of the stories bar on Instagram. Talk about exposure!
  • The statistics related to stories don’t lie: more than 400 million people on Instagram use Stories daily.


Share user-generated content

Another quick tip to generate massive exposure (and a faster growth rate) is to share user-generated content. The easiest way to describe this is simply scavenging the web to find extremely good content and sharing it on your profile. It’s also important you credit the original creator of the content in your caption.

Alternatively, you can call out to your followers and offer them a chance of being featured on your profile for submitting content.

A third way would be to use branded hashtags (for instance: #toyota) and monitor the use of that hashtag. Whenever a quality post gets published with it, be sure to thank that user and repost it on your page.

The reason why this works is that whenever you tag or repost content from another user, chances are high they will send it to their followers as well (be it through a mention in stories, a new post, or a direct message). This will give you an extra audience that has now become aware of your profile.


Host contests

Everybody loves free stuff, and that’s why hosting contests work so well on Instagram. Contests are a great way for increasing your reach on Instagram while gaining a set of new followers in a short period of time. One of the best working methods of hosting contests is by asking your followers to like the post and tag their friends. Of course, one of the rules to be eligible to win would be to follow your profile!

With the combination of your followers tagging their friends and the Instagram Algorithm favoring posts with high engagement, your post will likely receive a lot of attention and exposure to new people. That’s it for now! These 4 growth tactics will likely get you more followers while also increasing your potential customer base. There are more ways by which you can grow your Instagram profile, but these are some of the fastest and less time-consuming options you have.

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